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At the Office

Our ethos.

Our recruitment ethos is centred around matching the right talent with the right opportunity. We welcome expressions of interest from individuals fuelled by passion, seeking a challenging yet rewarding career landscape. Regardless of your experience spectrum, we provide robust on-the-job training to equip you with the requisite skills and knowledge, nurturing success in your designated role.

Our clientele is at the vanguard of constructing, maintaining, refurbishing, and upgrading the nation's rail infrastructure. Our cadre of track maintenance professionals is instrumental in ensuring seamless operations, from inspecting tracks and bridges to replacing ageing components ensuring the trains ply safely and efficiently.

At PWS, we are dedicated to cultivating a diverse and inclusive work environment, celebrating the unique imprints of each employee. By amalgamating individuals from varied backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, we are building a resilient and innovative company, propelling the industry forward.

Personalised services.

At PWS, our seasoned team of professionals is adept at understanding the criticality of delivering superior quality and adhering to project timelines. Our personalised services are meticulously tailored to align with your requirements, ensuring the optimum solution for your rail project. We are committed to transcending your expectations by delivering pioneering solutions and unparalleled service quality.

London Tube

Career opportunities.

We are passionate about creating an enriching career landscape for individuals driven by excellence. As a client seeking employment, you will receive adept professional guidance on your journey towards landing your desired job.

Whether your aspiration is a position in a bustling urban setting or a serene remote location, we offer a plethora of opportunities tailored to meet your career ambitions. Our dedicated teams synergise to ensure the safe and efficient transit of people and goods nationwide.

PWS is the springboard for anyone eager to accelerate their career trajectory in the rail industry. We provide a stimulating work environment replete with growth prospects, comprehensive training, development initiatives, and competitive remuneration packages. Embrace the opportunity to be part of our dynamic team today and relish the exhilaration of contributing to this pivotal industry.

Our portfolio extends beyond technical roles, encompassing administrative and support positions within the organisation. From human resources and accounting to marketing and customer service, our administrative cadre ensures seamless and efficient operational flow.

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