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Embark on a rewarding career trajectory that stays on track and broadens your horizons with PWS, the vanguard in recruitment and training for rail infrastructure projects.

Our training modules are unparalleled, offering hands-on, personalised training regimes that groom individuals for successful tenures in the rail sector. We believe in nurturing talent from within, providing ample avenues for career progression.

Our rail networks are the lifelines of transportation, and our team epitomises the cohesive force ensuring smooth operations. We take pride in offering exceptional hands-on training to our employees, enabling them to master the intricacies of the rail industry under the mentorship of seasoned experts.

We recognise that our success is inextricably linked to the calibre of our employees, which is why we invest in training and development initiatives. Our comprehensive training programmes are designed to support our clients' aspirations to grow and excel in their careers.

At PWS, we value our people as our most prized asset. Our mission is to attract and retain a pool of highly motivated and talented individuals poised to make a significant impact in the industry.

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We have partnered with the Cleshar Academy, the dedicated home of our training, mentoring and development programmes.

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Learn on the job.

Level 1:
Track - Entry Level

Kickstart your journey into rail operations with our foundational courses. Gain a solid grounding in safety measures, tool handling, and basic track awareness to ensure a safe and efficient working environment.

WSI (Sentinel):

Acquire the Worksite Induction certification, a prerequisite for ensuring individuals are aware of the potential hazards and safety procedures in the railway environment.

Manual Handling: Learn the principles of safe handling, lifting, and transporting of materials to prevent injuries.

Face Fit:

Get trained on the correct usage of respiratory protective equipment to ensure a proper seal and adequate protection.

Small Tools 1&2:

Familiarise with the common tools used in rail operations, their maintenance, and safety protocols.

Basic Track Awareness:

Gain an understanding of the rail environment, the potential hazards, and the basic safety measures to navigate through it.


LU Medical: Complete the London Underground medical examination to ensure fitness and readiness for the rail environment.

Level 2:
Network Rail - Entry Level

Elevate your expertise with a deeper dive into personal safety and operational protocols specific to the Network Rail infrastructure.

PTS (Personal Track Safety) Full Course:

Acquire comprehensive knowledge on safe working practices on or near the line.

Track Induction:

Get introduced to the track environment, safety protocols, and operational guidelines.

Network Rail Safety (NWR MED):

Understand the medical and safety standards required to work within the Network Rail infrastructure

Level 3:
Advanced Level of Track

Transition into advanced roles with specialised courses aimed at enhancing managerial and technical skills for higher responsibility tasks.

PTS COSS (Controller of Site Safety):

Master the skills required to control worksite safety, ensuring all operations are conducted within the set safety guidelines.

Track Hand Back/SPIC

(Safe Performance of Individual Competencies):

Learn the protocols for handing back tracks to traffic and validate your competencies in performing tasks safely.

DLR PIOW (Person In Charge Of Work): Take charge of work operations on the Docklands Light Railway, ensuring safety and operational efficiency.


(Track Patrolling and Worksite Technician):

Specialise in patrolling and technical operations, ensuring the tracks are in optimal condition for safe transit.


Currently, we are not offering apprenticeships, but we are working on it.


Please check back.

Announcements to follow the moment we know more.

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